[dorky-dog] TRAINING COMMANDS in different languages

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I can’t speak French, in fact I had to cheat through French class in high school.  But it doesnt prevent me from using commands in French. I know Im not impressing anyone including my dog and I do question my pronounciation . But I guess as long as my dog understands I guess it doesn’t really matter.

Cheers and may the “ paws” be with you ^_^

[i]Chaotic neutral geek cheerleader, nitro nerd ,wannabe  3p1c alpha geek of the new dork renaissance and generally slightly confused half of the time.[/i]



10 thoughts on “[dorky-dog] TRAINING COMMANDS in different languages

  1. You really are impressing, I’ve been trying to learn more about mondio ring, schutzhund and alike. There is something about the sport that makes me eager to be more interested with these large working breeds of dogs, and soon I know I’ll be able to own one of them with special skills, like your Ali. More power and good luck. Keep it up my Alpha geek of the new dork renaissance! 🙂

    • The thing I like about dog training is that its a goal that will never be reached ^_^ one can never learn enough . But truth be told herding is my ultimate goal. I plan to start ali in schutzhund after mastering agility ^ _^ . So Im a few months off the Schutzhund thing but I do plan ( if the universe allows it ) to compete in the world tourneys in Germany with Ali ( hopefully against her former trainer … .>insert evil laugh here )

    • Hi Ozzy,

      I tried using commands in german but my Uncle Hans seemed to find my accent strange so I stopped. But who knows , maybe with my next dog I can try again. The internet must have some grammar german thing somewhere.

      ^ ^

      • Raine,

        Try this site, it’s got sample audio clips of how commands in several languages ought to be pronounced:


        Same thing happened to my wife when she was younger, and her stepfather had a GSD from german service shipped over- it would just cock its head to the side whenever her filipina mom would try to command it with a local accent! The dog was like, “Say WHAAAAAT?!” lol

        BTW, me and my wife met you during the English Bulldog canine behavior lecture that you guys at Better Dog gave at Eastwood

    • Hi Ozzy,

      Still learning how to work this wordpress thing and didnt notice your message was longer.

      Happy to make your aquaintance here in the webosphere. ^_^ .. Unfortunately, an occupational hazard I have noticed Ive been afflicted with is that I remember the dogs more than their human parents. I suppose in this case it would be a little futile for me to even try since everyone there had an english bulldog. ^_^.

      But you should drop by Better Dog one of these days.

      I was thinking , maybe the English Bulldog Club can have a little meeting where they can let their dogs go off leash just to play. We usually rent floortime just for playtime. It might be a nice to be able to speak without having to hold on to a leash ( just for the sake of variety )



      • Excellent! We were just contemplating where to have a meetup where we can let our bullies enjoy freedom off-leash 🙂 Will definitely discuss it with Apple & co.

        Same with everyone in our bully group- we know more about each other’s dogs than their owners 🙂

    • Hi Lisa!

      Definitely a good idea and I’ll add a list of great dog names like kip too. ^ ^ That was a great book you showed me. Now I want to take Ali to the mental institution and see what happens.


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