About me

class : Druid Ranger ( with no depth perception )

profession: Cyber Samurai

alignment: chaotic neutral

weaknesses: – 10 dexterity and intelligence when confronted with cheese

strengths: + 10 agility and strength after not sleeping for 2 days, poison resistance to all forms of liquor

special abilities: giant growth (  of post it trees and dusty books I promise to read on table) , instant recuperation after 3 hours sleep, and + 20 poison resistance to all forms of liquor.

The plan is and was not to have a plan… but for some reason ever since I got a whiteboard magically ( or maybe not so magically ) things started to slowly fall in place .  Maybe it’s a magical whiteboard .. who knows.

Since it would seem I have found myself amidst a new chapter of my life, I decided it would only be appropriate to shake the dust off my blog and do some housekeeping.

If you decide to scroll down my pages , you will find I used to talk about they typical geek /videogame/ comic book /fantasy fiction stuff. I still do talk about those topics . After all being a geek is ingrained in my soul, so I don’t think I can do much about that.

But a few years ago ( pre -white board ) I started looking for the RPG within the realm of  real life (RL ). That turned out to be much more fun  than I expected . Eventually, it led me to discover   how funny, weird, sweet, and just a little absurd life is. So I suppose , the new revamped blog will just go  with that as a theme of sorts. If that can actually be a theme .. not really sure about that. Anyway..

This probably breaks every community management rule I have learned. Actually, I know it is and will be breaking every community management rule for success. But with a name like Nudork.. what do I really have to lose.

So welcome all to my universe.



p.s. This is my dog Ali. She would probably like me to make it very clear that the views of my personal blog do not in any way reflect her opinions and views .


11 thoughts on “About me

    • Ching,

      I actually have to thank the “godfather” of ..uhmm.. those with creating spelling techniques for that . He showed me this forum for this game that had the profiles for the staff. It was the funniest thing I read.

      ^ ^

  1. Surfing the waves of the web I am pleasantly stranded in this beautiful blog.

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  2. Hey Rain, I really like the blog I am always trying to connect with people and other bloggers like you! I love your DnD references in your about me by the way. Hey I also have a blog called http://universaldork.com please check it out sometime! oh my new video will let you know a little more about me it’s a music vid I made to honor the hulk just put it on you tube … http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T75YZ5T3tGk trying to get it out to the nerds…anyway nice to have stummbled upon another good fellow nerd or in my case dork blog! keep it up, peter

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