[GAME MISTRESS DORK] my top 15 videogames of all time!


I’m a girl and I spent way too many hours clocked in on videogames and even dated only videogamers for a decade ( the official story is you have a great deal in common, the real reason is I never ever get bad presents ) But that changed around 2005 and I have de-teched and unplugged. I realized looking at guitar hero that it takes about 85 hours to master the game and if I had actually invested the time playing everyi incarnation of the game into learning an actuall guitar I would be able to play more than the first 4 notes of more than words.

Which was actually interesting predicament as I was applying for a videogame company here. They asked me if I played videogames and I said I had unplugged a few years back. When they asked me if I knew what a community manager was I replied with honesty that I had no idea.

I explained it seems to me similar to being a dungeon master but without god powers and a bigger virtual table.

Then I challenged them to a game of streetfighter if they needed any additional proof if I was an actually an honest to goodness true blue tan by monitor light only geek.

So thank you nintendo,sega, squaresoft and every playstation, dreamcast, nintendo system, and all the PC games that have devoured my time., ^ ^ I swear I read in a article somewhere that when I am old and gray being a videogamer will prevent me from getting senile.

Cheers and may the “ paws” be with you

[i]Chaotic neutral geek cheerleader, nitro nerd ,wannabe  3p1c alpha geek of the new dork renaissance and generally slightly confused half of the time.[/i]

So here is my top 15 games of all time:

1. Diablo ( all the incarnations of Diablo )

2. Streetfighter Third Strike

3. Syndicate Wars ( it was my first taste of videogame addiction )

4. Worms!!!

5. Final Fantasy

6. Lineage II

7. Persona 3

8.  Kagero

9. Fatal Frame

10.  Nectaris

11. Warcraft ( yesss me lord.. durr what do you want )

12. Sims ( thank you EA ! )

13.  Command and Conquer

14. pokemon ( I dont know why … )

15. Breath of Fire ( sigh my first RPG… thanks Jan! )


4 thoughts on “[GAME MISTRESS DORK] my top 15 videogames of all time!

  1. Alright here’s my Top 15 Games:

    1. Diablo
    2. Command and Conquer
    3. Baldur’s Gate
    4. Soul Calibur
    5. Age of Mythology
    6. Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines
    7. Starcraft
    8. Half-Life
    9. NBA Live
    10. Warcraft
    11. Battle Realms
    12. Sims
    13. Worms
    14. Gran Turismo
    15. Battle City

  2. 6. Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines

    There was a TV series in the 1990s based on this. Kindred: The Embraced was the title. It got canned (this sucks) after one season. I guess people at that time weren’t ready for vampire lore yet.

    If I were a vampire I’d probably belong to the Brujah clan.

  3. Hi Alex

    I went through the vampire thing myself which caused a disturbing amount of black clothing which my family tried to combat with christmas presents of floral dresses.

    ^ ^

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