[RL Walthrough ] KPI’s = Report Card

[RL Walthrough ] KPI's = Report Card

My ex-boss -> turned friend says
“always. punish. the ewoks.”

Let me back track . I used to work as community manager for a video game company and it was the first time in my life I had to be QA ‘d ( I’m pretty sure you can’t turn that into a verb but you get my drift )for my personality . I don’t know about you but failing QA because of your personality kinda sucks. Its like “Woah you get a 60% on friendliness and yeah this explains why you are a nerd and have no friends. Btw, passing is 90 %.” ( Okay in fairness to QA they said it differently and used smarter kinder words .. it just translated to me this way )


After  marinating for two years on this particular thought gum drop  it finally occurred to me ..Durr…WTF?!  KPI= Report Card .. Why didn’t they just say so in the beginning? Instead of making it all sound hoity toity in business jargon-ese . It was just the way it was presented that made it look complicated and well to be honest soul sucking-ly depressing.

So I decided to make my own grading system.

In my way of thinking , the world doesn’t have to be devoid of color ..it can have purple.


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