[ Confessions of an Ex-dog trainer]Lessons I have learned from training my dog ( and other dogs )

1. When your dog has done well smile from the heart .

2. Dogs live in the moment. We should take a deep breath and follow their lead.

3. Dogs spend most of their day plotting how to get treats from you.

4. Dogs can hear a potato chip drop on carpet from 5 miles away. ( probably .. I can’t prove this but I am pretty sure of it. )

5. Dogs use body language to read us. It’s oodles easier if we teach them without using words.

6.  Some dogs like hugs , some dogs don’t.

7. When they tilt their head ,it’s not because they are listening ..it’s because they are are reading our right eye. Apparently, to a dog we can never lie.

8. Dogs always know when you are lying.

9. Dogs have a sense of humor.

10. A dog views the world nose first.



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