[Dorky Dog] Training Journal – Cupcake training week 2

Cupcake Training- Week 2
Status- Success
  treats – peanut butter sandwiches
Kipper-     was off leash for the first time
Sumo –     jogging nicely without any corrections even with a dark brown lab 20 feet away lunging and barking.
Ali –           still scanning but has gone down to level 3 even for cats ( Suspect ) > the cat was under the car Ali was on a loose leash and would go to the car stare intently and walk back to me. Eventually she settled down and was just staring at the car with suspicion.
Training notes:Changed my commands to Japanese. I was thinking about what one of my good friend  said about saying no as a command .. and was wondering if my intonation may be hindering my dogs absorbing what I said. I notice that my commands “platz” “cushe” ” asi ” I have a tendency to say in a lower tone. So my commands,corrections and praise sound all similar.I mark behavior now with a “hai”
Also I am starting to think I don’t need a prong on Ali. I think I may have been using it as a training crutch. I also notice before all the behaviors that exhibit anxiety the dog that is most likely to react is usually scanning the street from left to right. A dog in the zone simply looks forward.

the way I rate how dogs reactivity to other dogs
Level 1: non hostile generalized moving object
Level 2: Subject of Interest
Level 3: Suspect
Level 4 :Found Guilty
Level 5: its a cat!
Level 6: Serial Killer

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