[dorky dog: Ali’s World- a dog’s point of view ] Hello World!

Hello World!

Let me introduce myself. My name is Ali vom Kleiner Hafen. Im a German Shepherd and trained narcotics k9 . I was born in the United States but moved here to the Philippines a couple of years ago.

Living in the Philippines is quite nice. I will have to say things got significantly better after I got used to the weather  and when my human has finally stopped  making me consume  the horrible green shakes she makes for herself she calls the “bat-shake”, which more or less happened about the same time.

When we first arrived from the United States, she used to make me drink these green concoctions . She seemed a bit obsessed about my coat at the time and believed the green goo would make my coat better. She was under the impression that I look like “Ace the Bat Dog” should look and brushed me for what felt like hours to me. My human seems to like to talk about  this “Batman” fellow and keeps telling me that since Batman had a german shepherd I should live up to this “batdog’s” standards. Which is rather strange since I dont expect her to jump around from building to building in  a silly costume. Besides she showed me the comic book, I think I look better than Batman’s dog anyway.

I spend my days going with my human to work :training for scent detection, playing frisbee, chasing tennis balls, and doing agility and napping. I nap about 14 hours a day so  its not a bad life.

We go for a nice run in the mornings before work. Which is more of a meandering walk up a hill. My human is in a rather pathetic state of health .She is definitely no dog. Did you know the fastest human can only run up 15 miles per hour? That’s really pathetic. Its a good thing she can use a frisbee. But to tell you frankly , she isnt very good at that either. Eye hand coordination seems not to be her strong point.

I love  to run for hours with my human whenever I had a chance.I try to keep close to her whenever she is off leash. Its really her fault for running away every single time I turned around. It seems I have to keep an eye on her . She is awfully sneaky and even clumsier than she is sneaky. I’m not sure why she keeps falling and tripping. Its almost like she cant smell the tree she is about to walk into.

But all in all ,I like her the way she is : an interactive , ball throwing, Frisbee flinging, treat dispenser and   we are  family.

( tail wag )


Ali vom Kleiner Hafen, German Shepherd and trained narcotics k9,who is born in the United States but moved  to the Philippines a couple of years ago.


6 thoughts on “[dorky dog: Ali’s World- a dog’s point of view ] Hello World!

  1. Nope, not really. Humans are divided into danger not a danger and if not a danger whats your role in making me happy. If the answer is in the neutral you are just a sock I cant chew.


    • human: I tried putting a ninja suit ..which resulted in its own destruction. But my hopes are high that I will eventually wear her out on this little itty bitty difference of opinion ^_^

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