[book dork] Review: The Belgariad the series

“Garion the farm boy did not believe in magic dooms, but then he did not know that soon he would be on a quest of unparalleled magic and danger when the dread evil God Torak was reawakened.” David Eddings


This is one of my most loved ( when I mean love , I mean travel with me to every city, country , planet kinda thing ) books I have ever had.  I actually even gave a boy I really really was into the WHOLE series.. which resulted in him not reading it and me trying to get it back. Of course he didn’t and it is probably and it’s collecting dust  somewhere or working as a doorstop. ( Okay the doorstop thing is a bit much , he actually takes better care of his books than I do ).

So I wanted to share a nice little review I found of the book on the blogosphere that puts to words almost with every  punctuation mark how I feel about the series .

Here is to my futile resistance to all the evil of MTV and trying to turn every single female I meet into a NuDork. ( I am just doing that because someone once told me it couldn’t be done.. If my memory serves me right , it is the same person who said girls couldn’t play streetfighter )

Cheers and may the “paws” be with you


Over the years that I’ve been a reader, I have read a number of high fantasy series that were just so amazing. I’ve decided that they were so good, I want to review them for you so you’re aware of them and don’t miss out on reading them, but I don’t want to push back my TBR pile for the time it would take to read those books. Thankfully, I have read them several times over, and so I plan to give you a few reviews of whole series over the next few weeks, and will start with the Belgariad series.

pawn of prophecy by david eddingsThe Belgariad Series by David EddingsThe series tells the story of the recovery of the Orb of Aldur and coming of age of Garion, an orphaned farmboy. Garion is accompanied by his aunt Polgara and grandfather Belgarath as they try to fulfill an ancient prophecy that will decide the fate of the universe. Along the way, various “instruments”, or helpers, of the prophecy join their quest to recover the orb, and Garion discovers his true identity and destiny. From Wikipedia.

This was the series that turned me from a non-reader to an avid reader. I cannot describe the wonder and awe that fills me every single time I read this book! There are so many aspects of this book that I just love I’m unsure where to start. My major love is the world building to I’ll start off there.

queen of sorcery by david eddingsThe world in these books is just fantastic. Throughout the series, we go through pretty much all the countries there are, and the ones we miss are visited in the follow up series, but that’s for another review. Each country’s people has a distinct personality that is just brilliant to read; the Tolnedrans love money, and are very tight, but charge an arm and leg in tolls for people to use their roads, the Chereks are seafaring warriors who love to drink, the Arends are constantly at civil war, with the Mimbrates with an archaic way of speaking while the Asturians speak normally, though both have a fierce sense of honour, though aren’t the brightest people going, the Drasnians love making money, spying and sneaking, the Sendars are very sensible and simple people, and believe in doing the right thing, I could go on. Throughout the book, you can always tell where a character is from because of the way they act, and it’s just brilliant; their quirks are very amusing.

magician’s gambit by david eddingsThere’s also the magic. Known as the Will and the Word, you basically will something to happen, and say a word that will focus your will, and sometimes a hand gesture if you feel so inclined, and bob’s your uncle. There is only one rule; you can’t unmake anything, the universe doesn’t like you trying to unmake what it’s gone to all that trouble to make, and so it rebounds onto yourself. There’s also the prophecy, a being I can’t even begin to explain, it makes itself known to the people it deems need some help, but only when it feels it necessary. There are also the seven Gods, who have power beyond anything you would believe. Torak, the God of the Angaraks, is the root of all the problems; he’s evil and wants to rule over everyone, and has stolen the Orb from his brother, Aldur, and has been causing problems for who knows how many thousands of years!

castle of wizardry by david eddingsThe a huge cast of characters, and it would take me forever to talk about all of them, so I’ll just mention those I love the most. Garion, the main character, is a typical Sendar; he’s a simple boy, logical and sensible, but has this huge weight put on his shoulders when he’s thrown into this epic battle of outsmarting and beating a God. We are talking large scale war, and it’s completely different from what he was used to at Faldor’s farm, where he grew up. Pol, Garion’s aunt, is powerful and intimidating, but the most caring and loving person you could come across, she’s brilliant! Belgarath is equally as powerful, but takes on the facade of a harmless old man, and a cheeky one at that. His antics throughout the book always make me laugh, but he is not to be underestimated; when the time calls for it, he is a force to be reckoned with. Silk is the most hilarious chatacter I may have ever come across, a theif, a haggler, a spy, there’s no where he doesn’t know a back way out of, and you can’t help but love him. Ce’Nedra is wondeful; strong willed, spoilt, but when necessary, so unbelievably strong it’s incredible. I love them!

enchanter’s end game by david eddingsThe action! As I’ve said, there is large scale wars in the Belgariad, and the detail is just amazing, with each country’s individual fighting skills used together to fight the enemy, it’s phenomenal how it’s all orchestrated. There are also individual bits of action, things don’t always go smoothly, and the group of people do find themselves in situations that they need to get out of; there is jousting, there are magical power struggles, there is fighting monstrous creatures, and skirmishes with the enemy. It’s all just so brilliant, and it takes my breath away.

I absolutely love this series! I can’t recommend this series to you all enough. This is one of those series I believe everyone should read at least once before they die. It’s absolutely amazing, there are no words for how much I love these books.

sources:Ink and Paper Review


6 thoughts on “[book dork] Review: The Belgariad the series

  1. I was crazy about Belgariad and Malloreon since early high school especially when I thought (apologies) LOTR was too slow paced for my taste. Favorite characters : Polgara and Silk! 🙂 Thanks for reminding me of these books.

    • Hi Dart!

      I feel the exactly the same way about LOTR ( checking for elf loving assasins— whew ) I love Belgarath and Beldin. I bought Polgara the Sorceress first for a dollar, I didnt know it was a series and was trying to save money.. I reread it again recently. Its still good.

  2. Cool new covers.. but I’ve always loved the first del rey printing ones (1982-1984 see belgariad on wiki ) as they are more classic and fit perfectly what I have in my mind’s eye when I read the books.

  3. just love your site and reading your other posts. my old geek self reactivated – playing D&D, comic books (I still collect hellblazer, lucifer) etc. etc hehe

    Even looking for my old Dragonlance books especially the awesome side story Legend of Huma by Richard Knaak (highly recommended).

    Also remembering my number one all time favorite fantasy book Neverending Story (the first movie got the gist but was only a tiny part of it , the second movie really was a disaster). It was a work of pure genius.

    Sorry blaberring… Keep posting, nu dork!

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