[ Boob Tube Dork] Essential Star Trek Generation episodes (part 1)


I was in a bookstore  reading the Physics of Star Trek when a boy I knew spotted me in the corner. He looked at what I was reading and laughed at me.  I looked up, smiled and said ”   Like Lt. Worf said ’I like my species the way it is.’

I thought it was a pretty cool comeback at the time. But I guess it was a rather dorky thing to do.

But dorky or not, I think it… I do like my “dork” species the way it is. Here is a list of the Five Essential Star Trek Generation episodes.

Cheers and May the “ paws” be with you


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1. Encounter at Farpoint

Enterprise -D’s maiden voyage, Picard and his crew face Q an omnipotent being who threatens to destroy them unless humanity has earned the right to expand its exploration of space.

18 years after the first series ended, this two hour premier marked the return of Star Trek to the airwaves. Well not the best episode to judge the quality of the series, it does serve to introduce the character and provides a cameo from the actor that played Star Trek’s Dr. McCoy.

2. The Measure of a Man

Is Data a piece of Starfleet equipment or a sentient being? Picard defends the android’s rights after a Starfleet scientist demands to disassemble Data in order to study him.

This futuristic homage to such classic courtroom dramas, as in Inherit the Wind, sets the bar for all future episodes that explored Data’s “humanity”.

3. Q Who?

Q sends the Enterprise to a distant part of the galaxy where the crew encounters the Borg, a race that is half machine, half-human , and wholly relentless. Once Picard  realizes he can neither reason with nor defeat the emotionless beings , he’s forced to admit to Q perhaps humanity is not ready for every challenge the universe has to offer.

This marks the first time viewers meet the show’s toughest and most popular foe, the Borg.

4. Yesterday’s Enterprise

The Enterprise-C , a ship presumed destroyed 20 years earlier, emerges from temporal rift and in front of Picard’s ship but only Guinan notices that flow of time has been altered. To restore the time line and prevent a bloody war with the Klingons, she tells Picard he must convince the crew of the Enterprise-C to return to the past to fulfill its date with destiny.

A taut action packed episode. Guinan presence serves as a “greek chorus”; she’s there to point out the differences between the real and alternate timelines to Picard.

5. Sins of the Father

Hearing that his dead father has been branded a Romulan collaborator, Worf travels to the Klingon homeworld to clear his family’s name, but he ultimately keeps the truth to himself in order to prevent a Klingon civil war.

This first look at the Klingon homeworld, which introduces Worf’s brother, Kurn, is a favorite among Klingon fans.



Star Trek 101 Terry J. Erdmann and Paula M. Block



One thought on “[ Boob Tube Dork] Essential Star Trek Generation episodes (part 1)

  1. “Q Who?” & “Yesterday’s Enterprise” are a couple of my favorite episodes in ST:TNG evar! The latter because of Denise Crosby’s return to the Trek universe and the former, of course, the introduction of the fearsome Borg. Unification is also a fave, with Nimoy guesting. One classic scene when Data succeeds in pulling off the Vulcan nerve pinch on one of their Romulan captors. I believe I clapped my hands when I saw that, much to the wonder of my nephew.

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