[Game Mistress]blog: Viva the Gamer’s Republic!

The GAMER REPUBLIC .  Gamer Girl was probably rolling this around the back of her subconscious for a few months before it had surfaced a couple weeks ago.  There is a comic twist to the idea of creating youtube videos from the point of view of two gamer girls . But I have yet to figure out what the funny is.

But I am sure it will come to me , one of these days. In the meantime we create a world within a world and hope you come join us.

Anyway, here is her account of that night.

Cheers and may the “ paws” be with you


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[i]Chaotic neutral geek cheerleader, nitro nerd ,wannabe  3p1c alpha geek of the new dork renaissance and generally slightly confused half of the time.[/i]



Gamer Republic

“Gamer Republic!” Those are the words that came out of my mouth that fateful night in Spicy Fingers while dancing to the loud music of the band.

What is it about? We have no freakin’ idea. O_O All we know is that it’ll be a collaboration between me (gamergirl) and Rain (NuDork).

Why is there a need for that? We haven’t really figured it out yet. O_O All we know is that it’s going to be fun. We are going to enjoy making it. Whatever it is.

We haven’t really started planning on it as well. And I don’t think we’ll start on that soon either. We wanted to just take things slow and make it as we go. No pressure, no deadlines. It’s going to be perfect!

Nothing fires us up more than “No content.” Hahaha!

And I’m writing about this now just to make it clear that we’ve thought about it and we will do something about it soon. When we feel like it. ^_^

Here’s to freedom!!!


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