[The Tavern] November 2010

Ad eundum quo nemo ante iit.

To boldly go where no man has gone before.

Greetings All,

Here you may post your thoughts ,suggestions, questions, or any old  randomness that you may just want to share.

Gasp.. just like a billboard … Wow!!! Isn’t that a novel idea.

Here are the policies ( no -no’s ) of the The Tavern:

1. Estne volumen in toga, an solum tibi libet me videre? Is that a scroll in your toga, or are you just happy to see me?

or in my language lets keep it PG 13 ( ahem ..guys  ^ ^ )

2. Abutebaris modo subjunctivo denuo… You’ve been misusing the subjunctive again…

I’m not the grammar police but can we keep the jejeje language far far away, unless you’re spanish of course then je je je’s are acceptable.

3. Caveat Emptor  Buyer Beware

Uhmm this isnt the Buy and Sell or Craigslist . So let’s keep it that way.

4. Magnus frater spectat te…Big Brother is watching you….

A difference of opinion will be tolerated as long as you are making a logical statement .  Being an idiot for no other reason than just to annoy someone else is annoying in a real bar and is just as annoying in a virtual bar.

Just to warn you I wont go through the trouble of explaining why I deleted a post.  Just like the Beatles said , if your post was deleted …Just let it be.

Have fun ^_^  ohh if you would like to RP ( role play ) here are the guidelines:

  • We are in a bar . So I suppose everything goes as long as the 4 rules above are held.
  • you can come in whatever you want ( spock, dark elf, samurai, darth vader,  the box from Metal Gear Solid, or an Ipod if you want ) as long as it stays within the genres of  fantasy, sci fi, mathematics, literature, cartoons, manga, science, videogames, technology, and history .TV shows are okay but I would rather  stay away from TV shows that are geared for a female audience. For the  following reasons:  a) I probably didn’t watch them b) I know I didn’t watch them.

So here are some suggestions in order for clarity

[character name: Chaotic Good ] Names are placed in brackets with their alignment

( holding a glass of beer ) Actions are placed in paranthesis

@ Darth Vader: When speaking to someone start with the @ symbol.

So cheers and have fun!



13 thoughts on “[The Tavern] November 2010

  1. [nudork]chaotic neutral,human female] ( enters empty tavern )” It sure is quiet in here..”
    ( looks around some more and spots a cat )

    [cat: alignment unknown ] ( cat looks at nudork walks up to nudork )

    [nudork:chaotic neutral,human female] ( nudork bends over to pet the cat ) What a cute kitty..

    [cat: alignment unknown ] (cat bites nudorks finger )

    [nudork:chaotic neutral,human female]” owww….friggin evil cat! what the ?!?%@!”

    [cat: alignment unknown ] ( cat walks to nudork’s feet and falls asleep )

    • [Restart cat: lawful evil,female cat?](nuzzles leg)@ nudork “Prrrrr… nya~” (wakes up and stretches, and notices the peculiar human… glares at human) “meow” -> (translation) ” supspicious humanoid… must record data”

  2. [Am’cha’tai: lawful good Xenexian male] (enters bar, sits on stool by one corner) Barkeep, a chech’tluth. And a bowl of fried gagh.

    [Barkeep 1: lawful neutral Twi’lek female] (brows narrow in confusion) Fried? The Klingons like gagh fresh.

    [Am’cha’tai: lawful good Xenexian male] (raises eyebrow) …

    [Barkeep 1: lawful neutral Twi’lek female] (shrugs, braintails twitching) Right. You’re not a Klingon.

    [Am’cha’tai: lawful good Xenexian male] (shrugs dismissively; lights up a human — Ilocano — panatela) And an ashtray, if you please.

    • [Barkeep 1: lawful neutral Twi’lek female] (slides an ashtray, then sets down the Xenexian’s order) Chech’tluth, fried gagh.

      [Am’cha’tai: lawful good Xenexian male] (nods) Thanks.

      [Barkeep 1: lawful neutral Twi’lek female] (leans elbows on table) So, what brings you to The Tavern?

      [Am’cha’tai: lawful good Xenexian male] (exhales a thin stream of smoke) Curiosity.

      [Barkeep 1: lawful neutral Twi’lek female] What about?

      [Am’cha’tai: lawful good Xenexian male] How different The Tavern is from The Captain’s Table.

      [Barkeep 1: lawful neutral Twi’lek female] (grins) We’re not that exclusive, as you can see.

      [Am’cha’tai: lawful good Xenexian male] (deadpan) You’ve not much in the way of customers, either.

      [Barkeep 1: lawful neutral Twi’lek female] (straightens up and frowns) We just opened, you see. Don’t make fun. (spots newcomers walking to the bar) Well, well, well — if it isn’t Kerrigan and Jimmy Raynor. Take a load off, why don’t you? What can I get you lovebirds?

      [Jim Raynor: lawful good Terran male] (cocks his head) Corellian whiskey, Whyren’s Reserve, if you have it.

      [Barkeep 1: lawful neutral Twi’lek female] (winks) For you, Jimmy, anything.

      [Jim Raynor: lawful good Terran male] (grins rakishly) Why, thank you, darlin’, appreciate it.

      [Sarah Kerrigan: true neutral Zerg/ Terran hybrid female] (scowls at Raynor) Damned flirt. (@Barkeep 1) We’ll have it in the corner booth over there.

      [Barkeep 1: lawful neutral Twi’lek female] (raises eyebrow) Whatever you say, ma’am.

      (Kerrigan and Raynor walk away, arguing quietly)

      [Barkeep 1: lawful neutral Twi’lek female] (sniffs; mutters) Jealous biatch.

      [Am’cha’tai: lawful good Xenexian male] (chuckling) Some grapok sauce, barkeep, please.

  3. [Sean Graeme]chaotic neutral,Human Male]

    Description: Sean Graeme has green eyes and blond dirty hair. His facial features is what a lot of women would consider handsome and good looking. Thou he does have a small scar on his face. Sean has a muscular toned body, being a well versed warrior.

    In the dark corner of the tavern Sean Graeme was sitting all alone drinking his Ale. He wondered if the female who just entered the tavern could see him or not, when she looked around the tavern he decided that the female could not see him and called out to her to join him for some company.

    Sean has been sitting in the dark corner of the tavern for quite sometime now drinking his Ale all alone and company would feel good. He found this tavern accidentally after almost dying just a few days ago, then he saw this tavern from a distance and gave the bar keep enough so that he could eat and stay the few nights to nourish some of his wounds and gain back his health.

  4. [Griffin: chaotic evil half-orc 6ft male w/+18 to Charisma] ( walks in with a black wolf at his side,is trying to shake the mud off his shoes )

    [ Fenrir: chaotic good black male wolf ] (sniffs and looks into darkest corner of the tavern and growls )

    [Griffin: chaotic evil half-orc 6ft male w/+18 to Charisma]
    For Thor’s Hammer, could you leave it be? I just fed you. I swear , all you have in that tired carcass you call fur is all stomach and teeth.

    ( Griffin looks up and starts walking to the bar )
    Besides you don’t know where its been.

    (Griffin sits between nudork and Am’cha’tai and slams a bag full of books and tomes on the bar, and drops an even larger bag on the small kitten near nudork’s feet )

    “A pitcher of cold ale my fine lass!”

    [ Fenrir: chaotic good black male wolf ] (sniffs around the bag at Griffin’s feet. Then walks away towards Am’cha’tai, puts his paw on Am’cha’tai’s lap, and starts happily smiling )

    • [Am’cha’tai: lawful good Xenexian male] (deadpan; @Fenrir) Behave, little pup, or you will learn firsthand the art of Ilocoslovakian cooking.

      [Fenrir: chaotic good black male wolf] (sits below Am’cha’tai’s feet, whimpers, chastened)

      [Am’cha’tai: lawful good Xenexian male] (chuckles) Good boy. Stay still, but rip apart anyone with an IQ below 125.

      [Fenrir: chaotic good black male wolf] (sits below Am’cha’tai’s feet, wags tail, yips once)

      [Am’cha’tai: lawful good Xenexian male] (quick and accurate survey, turning head left and right.) Pity.

      [Am’cha’tai: lawful good Xenexian male] (deadpan; @nudork) Mistress, perhaps we can all buy you a drink. There seems to be an unnatural lack of flirting in this establishment.

  5. [nudork:chaotic neutral,human female] ( runs to the bar)
    @barkeep: Excuse me can I have some bandages. Your cat bit me.

    [Barkeep 1: lawful neutral Twi’lek female]( barkeep 1 takes some bandages out from under the counter and gives it to Nudork)
    @nudork: You can have that with no charge but that isnt our cat. I thought it was yours. But you really ought to have a doctor look at that . That looks pretty bad.

    [nudork:chaotic neutral,human female](Nudork wraps hand with bandage and has been able to stop the bleeding but is rather surprised at the severity of the bite considering how small the cat is.)
    @barkeep1: uhhmm no thanks , I’ll be fine. Are you sure it isn’t your cat?

    [Barkeep 1: lawful neutral Twi’lek female] Yup.. Damn sure. Never saw that cat before tonight.

    [nudork:chaotic neutral,human female] ( quite engrossed with throbbing and bleeding hand looks up surprised when she hears someone address her )
    @ Am’cha’tai: Huh? You talking to me?

    (Nudork looks up in surprise when she sees a large orc sitting next to her. Nudork tries in vain to stop staring at the 6ft greenish tinted giant that dwarfed her relatively small size. )

  6. [BUWTP:Dazed and confused,half clothed stuffed bear] (stumbles into the tavern smelling like a fruit drink gone bad carrying a brown Hunny pot in one arm)

    Sheeeey, anyone up for a shwig of my Hunny pot???

    (keels over face first into the Hunny pot and barfs into it)

    [Barkeep 1: lawful neutral Twi’lek female]Now I’ve seen everything…

    [BUWTP:Dazed and confused,half clothed stuffed bear](shouts into the Hunny pot, the words lost in a muffled echo) Oohhh Chrisshhhtoffer Roooobin, I knew I’d find ya there!!!

  7. I had been wondering if you ever considered switching the layout of your web site? It is well written; I really like what youve got to state. But maybe you can include a a bit more in the way of written content so people could connect with it better. You have got a great deal of wording for only having one or two photographs. Maybe you could space it out better?

    • Great suggestion and thank you. I suppose it is time I start to write more whether good or bad ^_^ but thank you whoever you are. Sometimes we all get lost along the way..

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