[dorky dog] 15 Things to ask before buying a dog or pet

My dog Ali loved running off leash for hours in the snow, particularly at sunset. It was a rough start for us . Wait no let me take that back . It was rough start for me. Ali had a blast.  I got a cold.


As a dog owner, I have been unusually lucky and have gotten very good dogs. Although some I will have to admit , needed a little bit of work. But I have found that I have learned more from my dogs that were a lot of trouble more than my dogs that came with a perfect temparament. I had a golden retriever named Chance that more or less trained itself to walk off leash, sit, down,creep, bark once, spin, beg for pandesal,shake, and step on my brother’s toes everytime ( which my brother didn’t know but I guess he will find out now ). Im not sure how it happened but it did.  I have learned since then Chance was one dog in a million and I am not “just gifted with dogs” which because of him was kind of the impression I had  of myself until I started doing it for a living.

After going through more than a few dog purchases for the company I was previously employed ,  I have learned that asking a few questions, in the beginning will save you a great deal of time and  problems later on.

Of course, there are other ways to find out if that if you are making the right decision. I suggest that the first thing to do is research the dog’s breed and they have a zillion tips on finding out if the dog is right dog for you on the internet.  So if you are purchasing a dog you must first go and be one with the internet and buy a few books. Knowledge  is your friend. ohmmmmm

So to  those thinking of purchasing a new pet to love . I hope this helps ^_^

Cheers and may the “ paws” be with you


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15 things to ask before purchasing a dog


1.       Ask to see the dog’s health records ( is it current? Who is their vet? )

2.       What do they feed the dog  ?

It is important to know what the quality of food they have been feeding the dog due to possible health problems that may come up to malnutrition. Particularly here in the Philippines where they give food scraps to their dog.

3.       How much exercise does the dog already get?

If the dog isnt getting any exercise , it will explain if the dog is acting like a tazmanian devil on crack.

4.       Has the dog had any training? If so with who?

Ironically it is actually better getting a dog with no training , that way when you do train him , you won’t have to undo the damage done by improper training. I have noticed that every trainer and their momma claim that they are the best dog trainer in the world. But sometimes they just have really good dogs and got lucky. It is a rare trainer that can work with dogs with problems and that is what really makes a good trainer. So if the dog has had training go and find out about the trainer .

5.       What are its current living conditions?

6.       Ask about the dog’s siblings and parents.

Checking the dog’s siblings and parents, you will be able to learn a great deal  about a dog from the behaviour of its litter and its parents ( but this isn’t always a sure thing but it does help. Im nothing like brother but we do both like videogames. So you see my point.)

7.       How does the dog react to humans, cats , children , females ?

Does it trust humans or does it look afraid ?( if the dog looks afraid , then it probably is )Ask if you can go for a walk outside, this will give you a pretty good picture of what your getting.

8.       Why are they selling the dog?

It will probably be a lie if you see that the dog is caged in a rusty ill-kept kennel but hey at least you made them sweat for a little bit.

9.       Where did they get the dog ?

Even if it doesn’t have any papers its important to know where it came from.

10.    What toys does the dog like to play with?

This is more to see how the dog has been treated than anything else .

11.   What are its favourite treats ?

This for the same reason ,as stated above. If they don’t know what the dog likes its probably because they have never interacted with the dog.

12.   Who walks the dog? Who feeds the dog?

Its important to find out who the primary care giver is. It will tell you a great deal about how the dog was treated.

13.   Ask if you can see the dog in a location the dog is not familiar with, like a park  .

This will show the dog’s temperament  and its ability to handle new circumstances like getting a new home.

14.    Ask if a vet you trust can check the dog.

There vet is all well and good but you dont know their vet , so its better to research or ask around for a vet that you will and can trust even before getting the dog.

15.   Ask the owner to feed the dog  in your presence.

It will show you if the dog is comfortable around you.


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