[ comic- book dork ] Scott Pilgrim


FUN:   8/10



At first, I had my doubts about the American comic book shaped like manga. In addition to the fact that the artwork is a bit different from what I typically enjoy. But I got the recommendation from someone who knows the very depths of my geek-ery . Plus all my dreams of late have dog themes which are starting tiresome since I wake up thinking I have just come from work.

And lo and behold, I didn’t put the comic book down till I finished the whole series. Which didn’t take long but it was fun and interesting.It had so many video game and geek references that added to the fun of reading it. So if your a video game geek , I thouroughly recommend it. I thoroughly enjoyed my afternoon reading something that had no educational value.


Scott Pilgrim is a graphic novel series by Bryan Lee O’Malley. It consists of six  volumes, released between August 2004 and July 2010, by publisher Oni Press. The series is about 23-year-old Canadian Scott Pilgrim, a slacker and part-time musician who lives in Toronto and plays bass guitar in the band “Sex Bob-bomb.” He falls in love with American delivery girl Ramona Flowers, but must defeat her seven evil exes] in order to date her.

A film adaptation of the series entitled Scott Pilgrim vs the World starring actor Michael Cera in the title role was released in August 2010. A videogame of the same name developed by Ubisoft  for Playstation network and Xbox Live was released the same month.


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9 thoughts on “[ comic- book dork ] Scott Pilgrim

  1. While it was published by an American comic book publisher (Oni Press), it’s Canadian-made (O’Malley is Canadian).


  2. Hi Christopher,

    Thanks for reading but as you can see ” Scott Pilgrim is a graphic novel series by Bryan Lee O’Malley. It consists of six volumes, released between August 2004 and July 2010, by publisher Oni Press.” I did mention that fact in the rundown underneath.

    It was just my first impression upon seeing the cover.


  3. Saw the movie prior to the comic book. I loved it. The humor and the effects. It was a plus that certain actors were there, Brandon Routh of Superman Returns as Todd (Evil Ex#3), Chris Evans (Human Torch, Capt. America), a cameo Thomas Jane (Punisher) and Mary Elizabeth Winstead who I think is very cute. 🙂 (I’m hoping she take a Wonder Woman role)

    Regrettably, I saw this movie with a couple of non-geeks who looked at me every time I’d laugh at a reference joke. (I wasn’t even the one hogging the popcorn)

    Typical conversation;
    Me: Dudes.. WTF?
    Them: Don’t get it. Where’d they get their powers? How’d they learn to fight like that?
    Me: Oy vey.
    Them: He’s vegan? And his eyes glow?
    Me: Heh. Superman, dude.
    Them: That’s not Superman
    Me: No. Its Brandon Routh.
    Them: Who’s Brandon…
    Me: I hate you guys.
    Them: How long is this movie?
    Me. My place. My movie
    Them: I don’t get it. It’s like a comic book.
    Me. Bingo.

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