[dorky-dog ] Dogs 101 and assorted trivia


Dogs are cute. They give unconditional, drool-filled devotion. They make you feel like you’re the king or queen of the world. It’s nice to see their furry bodies wiggling and their tails wagging with happiness each time they see you.

However, taking care of dogs requires commitment. So, if you want to own one, better do your research first. Professional dog trainer Jojo Isorena of Better Dog Canine Behavior Center shares these useful facts — and other interesting trivia — about man’s best friend.

1. They’ve been around for a long time. Recent studies reveal that dogs and wolves split into their own species approximately 100,000 years ago. And while the oldest dog skull to date was discovered in Goyet Cave, Belgium, these animals are generally believed to have come from Southeast Asia.

2. Puppies are a handful. From the time of mating, it takes around 63 days for a puppy to be born. Newborn pups only gain their sense of sight after 10 to 14 days. Their sense of hearing follows suit. After three weeks, they start growing teeth. Then, after four to seven months, their adult teeth start forming. So start watching over your couches and books, as they are likely to chew on things then. It would be a good idea to buy them some chew toys.

3. Don’t mess with their ears. A dog’s ears are very sensitive. In fact, even gently blowing into them is a painful experience for a canine. It’s not really the wind itself that hurts its ears, but the frequency at which you blow. The feeling is likened to the running of fingers through a blackboard — only a hundred times amplified.

4. They’re smarter than we think. Dogs are generally believed to have the intelligence of a two- or three-year-old kid. They are able to learn and understand around 150 words.

5. They rely on their noses. Did you know that dogs have fewer taste buds than humans? While we are armed with about 9,000 of these, they only have around 1,700. Because of this, dogs are more reliant on the smell of food rather than the taste. This is why they will happily play with garbage and scarf down leftovers — to them, the scent is so interesting and peculiar no matter what they taste like.

6. They have many expressions. Dogs have about 100 facial expressions. Most of these depend on ear movement. Dog owners can learn how to read these expressions over time, but they need to get to know their dogs’ breed and physical features very well. Interestingly, recent studies also show that dogs can also read human facial expressions and sense emotions.

7. They’re territorial. Males are particular about protecting their turf. They are often seen urinating with one leg up, a sign that they are marking their territory — even when they actually don’t need to do so.

8. They’re not colorblind. It’s a myth that dogs are colorblind. They can, in fact, see colors—but not as vividly as humans do. Canines are able to distinguish the difference between blue, gray and yellow. However, if they are able to see red and green, it might not look the same way it does to humans.

9. They have hair issues. Most dogs are born with a double coat of hair—the undercoat is there to keep it warm during colder days, and the outer coat serves as a form of protection against the elements. And contrary to popular belief, there is no such thing as a 100 percent hypoallergenic dog, as some of its hair is still prone to dander and other allergens.

10. They’ll do real well with training. Dog training is a good way to strengthen the bond between the dog and its owner, as well as improve communication channels. Contrary to popular belief, responsible dog care isn’t just about feeding your pet on time; it’s also about training oneself to become a better owner.

In line with its mission to promote canine awareness, Better Dog Canine Behavior Center, which is the first of its kind in the country to offer discipline lessons as well as agility and personality classes, is offering a 30 percent discount on services for dogs adopted from the Philippine Animal Welfare Society.

It’s one way for us to show these furry creatures with big hearts how much we care about them. – FVI, GMANews.TV

Better  Dog Canine Behavior Center is located at Karrivin Plaza Building C, Pasong Tamo Extension, Makati City. For inquiries or more details, call (632) 886-5918, email betterdog@me.com, or log on to www.betterdog.com.ph.


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