[dorky-dog] How to check if your dog has nerd potential ( IQ test for pets )

(excerpt) wikipidia ( but I cant find the link anymore )

The author used “understanding of new commands” and “obey first command” as his standards of intelligence. He surveyed dog trainers and compiled this list of dog intelligence. While this method of ordering dog intelligence is acceptable for training and working with dogs, it does not apply to the genetic intelligence which can be measured by ingenuity and understanding of common situations.[5] The drawback of this rating scale, by the author’s own admission, is that it is heavily weighted towards obedience related behavioural traits (e.g. working or guard dogs), rather than understanding or creativity (e.g. hunting dogs).

As a result, some breeds may appear lower on the list due to their stubborn or independent nature, but this nature does not make them unintelligent or impossible to train. The book includes other sections on hunting and other intelligence types, as well a general IQ for dogs that owners can perform on their dogs; that test is better weighted for ingenuity and independent problem solving, but rankings were provided only for working intelligence, and are listed below.

*  1–10 Brightest Dogs
* 11–26 Excellent Working Dogs
* 27–39 Above Average Working Dogs
* 40–54 Average Working/Obedience Intelligence
* 55–69 Fair Working/Obedience Intelligence
* 70–79 Lowest Degree of Working/Obedience Intelligence


2 thoughts on “[dorky-dog] How to check if your dog has nerd potential ( IQ test for pets )

  1. I agree with the author’s way of testing the K-9 intelligence, but the intelligence of the dog is also dependent on the owner, their bonding moments will make the dog even more responsive to the owner’s needs because it will work and show off to his master to please. 🙂

    • I agree but before you start training any dog you should have spent a great deal of time to establish that bond first. But it is true bond is an essential foundation for all training (and patience )

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