[kuripot-dork] 5 best places for free wifi


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I am kuripot. In fact I have turned that into an art form in of itself. I am notorious amongst my friends for being able to go through the whole evening with only 300 php in my pocket. It doesn’t limit me from going to the posher places either. It just about knowing logistics and tenacity.

Due to my previous occupation and my now hobby, I have been on a constant quest for the perfect place to camp for hours on free wifi.

Although I haven’t found perfection, it’s been fun looking. So for the kuripot like me grab your laptop and go ahead camp away. If you have any other suggestions please dont hesitate to post it here.

Cheers and may the “ paws” be with you

Chaotic neutral geek cheerleader, nitro nerd ,wannabe  3p1c alpha geek of the new dork renaissance and generally slightly confused half of the time.


Youtube:               the highest level you can hope for in a free wifi situation

Facebook:            median level of connectivity

Wikipedia:           stick to pages that are generally text based like your email and Wikipedia , trying anything more taxing will make you want to rip your keyboard out

I. 121 Bar and Restaurant


Address: 121 Bar on Pasong Tamo ext, 200 meters ( ish ) from the MRT station on the right side (if you’re coming from Edsa

The upside:  Have interesting events like trivia night for geeks and drunkeoke for the  frustrated rock stars. Personally I like frat night since I don’t own an xbox and getting to play for free is always a good thing.

Price of coffee: 60 php and most meals and drinks go for . 200 php

Ambience: Brick walls , wooden floors and looks like a guys dream loft. Has beer pong, xbox games, band set, and flat screen TVs to watch sports on.

Wifi speed:  youtube level

Downside:  The guilt. The staff and management are really nice AND remember your name.

BOTTOM LINE :Mooching indefinitely will not last so you end up buying something eventually.

II. Capitol Hills Coffee Bean and Tea leaf


Address: Capitol Hills Golf club on Capitol Hills Drive. Just keep going on Katipunan past all the land owned by University of the Philippines and turn right on Capitol Hills Drive . You will see the golf course on your right.

The upside:  a great view of the golf course, quiet location and makes you forget you’re in the middle of the city

Price of coffee: Starbuck prices

Ambience:  Homey in a coffee meets Martha Stewart kind of way. The location has a large veranda facing the golf course and the wind is usually enough to keep you cool so you don’t have to lock yourself away in an air conditioned box.

Wifi speed:  YouTube level. I wouldn’t watch movies here but the connection is fast enough so you don’t have to wait long to watch that silly Japanese show that pit man against cooking oil or whatever it is you watch

Downside:  Coffee is expensive and the sockets are limited. Apparently I’m not the only person with a laptop that knows about this place.

BOTTOM LINE : It has a few comfortable sofas and a quiet atmosphere. Most people do work ,study, and surf the internet in a library like calm. So it’s like your room but with better coffee and no television. 

III. Clawdaddy High Street


ADDRESS : Bonifacio High Street

The upside:  open late and has the cheapest coffee on High Street and is next to a bar so it does serve liquor

Price of coffee: 70php

Ambience:  its family oriented, so you have kiddie toys and some sort frescos on the wall

Wifi speed:  Wikipedia level

Downside: The connection is great for reading simple websites but I anything that is more complicated might be a pain.

BOTTOM LINE : It has liquor and is open late. Drink enough and you won’t notice the speed of the connection. 

IV. Murphy’s Bar

http://www.murphysmakati.com/murphys_location.html Address: Ground floor Citiland II Building V.A. Rufino Street corner Estaban Street, Legaspi Village

The upside:  wifi speed is not bad and has European beer

Price of coffee: forget the coffee get beer

Ambience:  think Cheers with La Salle colour scheme

Wifi speed:  YouTube

Downside: The connection is great for watching more silly videos on YouTube

BOTTOM LINE: It has liquor, granted it is expensive liquor but European beer is never cheap, even in Europe 

V. SM Makati lounge

Address SM near Glorietta , Makati

The upside:  no guilt wifi , sofas , and free nokia charging stations

Price of coffee: its a lounge so no coffee served here

Ambience:  modern minimalist , looks ,feels and smells like a business hotel

Wifi speed:  varies

Downside:  you have to own a shoe mart credit card

BOTTOM LINE: Its free and has no guilt associated with it , plus clean bathrooms

Address: Ground Floor, Citiland III Building V.A. Rufino Street corner Esteban Street , Legaspi Village ,Makati City


2 thoughts on “[kuripot-dork] 5 best places for free wifi

  1. Hello, just saw this site via the GF Trivia page. I found this post very useful, seeing as I have a laptop strapped to my back daily and constantly finding myself penniless and wandering the different cities of MM, so i’m definitely checking those places out.

    With that, I’d like to share my favorite wifi spot in Makati:

    Blenz Coffee, Solaris One, Legaspi St, Makati.

    A budget of P100 will go a long way here, if you’re… well, not hungry. The best part about this place apart from the epic wifi connection (I can download entire tv episodes) is the fact that there are sockets for your charging needs at EVERY table.

  2. ^ ^ thanks for the hint! I tried going home the other day during rush hour and I found myself crawling through traffic for 3 hours , so I think I shall return to my gypsy ways. Ill be sure to check it out . Thanks for the tip!

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