[Batman-dork] – 10 reasons I love Batman


10 reasons I love Batman

  1. fulfills promises even if no one else knows it but him
  2. insanely focused
  3. the obsession / brooding thing on rooftops is kinda hot
  4. built geek pad heaven in a cave and found a way to keep moisture from destroying the bat computer
  5. wicked smart
  6. isnt drawn in by the superficiality of the jet set despite having access to it
  7. strong in mind and body
  8. loyal to those he loves and cares for
  9. loves dogs
  10. dates sluts but isnt a slut

I am fascinated with Batman but not for the normal reasons. Although I do love the gadgets and the original classic Batman with the kapows and bams on the screen. The reason I am fascinated with Batman is I think the Batman characters are representative of the inner world most people have .

Its like an internal breed classification for humans. There are Batman people, and Joker people, and yes even Penguin people. ( So far I have only met one penguin and that was a trip. ) In dog breeds , dispositions are generally predictable depending on the breed with  room for individuality. Some dogs do act contrary to their breed but generally its pretty predictable golden retrievers are easy going, labs are happy, jack russels run on nuclear energy.  Its an ongoing hobby of mine to determine the hidden corelations between something mundane with something important.

This hobby has evolved from trying to determine the kind of personality goes with what cereal a person prefers. I think I was in elementary when I started doing this so it isn’t scientific and its probably more of a habit at this point than some sort of quest for the holy grail.

I also enjoy taking apart the Batman characters and trying to picture what they would be like if they were no living in the polar extremes of their personality. What would the joker like to hang out with at tapa king pre-purple suit days. Where would  Batman be hanging out if his parents didnt die and he lived in Manila ? Those are the things I like to roll around in my head like a favourite gumball as I’m driving down C5 and during the milky pastel mornings that look like ice cream .

I have long figured out what batman character I am but the question is what Batman character are you?

Cheers and may the “ paws” be with you

Chaotic neutral geek cheerleader, nitro nerd ,wannabe  3p1c alpha geek of the new dork renaissance and generally slightly confused half of the time.


Batman is often treated as a vigilante by other characters in his stories. Frank Miller views the character as “a dionysian figure, a force for anarchy that imposes an individual order.”[104] Dressed as a bat, Batman deliberately cultivates a frightening persona in order to aid him in crime-fighting,[105] a fear that originates from the criminals’ own guilty conscience.[106]

Community TV show

Community is an American television comedy series created by Dan Harmon that is broadcast by NBC. The series is about a group of students at a community college in Colorado. The series premiered Thursday, September 17, 2009, and airs in the 8:00pm ET time slot.[1] It previously aired in the 9:30pm ET time slot, beginning with its premiere, but later relocated with its fourth episode. The series is a joint-venture production between Universal Media Studios and Sony Pictures Television.






5 thoughts on “[Batman-dork] – 10 reasons I love Batman

  1. Batman is an interesting character. The modern incarnation of the Bat is the pinnacle of human achievement. While I’m more of a Superman geek, my favorites have always been their team ups. Its why I love the Superman/Batman comics a lot. Then there’s this Elseworld comic title called ‘Speeding Bullets’ wherein the union of the Batman/Superman mythos was explored. Now imagine a Superpowered Batman. Scary.

    • ahh but Batman’s coolness is derived from the lack of super powers .. which is my major problem with thered and blue themed boy scout .. ( BATMAN RULEZZZ !!! )

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