[my-universe] day 1

Day 1 of working out:
weight: 122 ( gasp )
pushups : a wobbly 45
sit ups: 50
squats: 50

Its embarassing but I figure why hide it, people will just lie to you because they are too nice to tell you that you have gained weight but they KNOW that you are wearing black for a reason. I figure the least I can do is not lie to myself.

Dear me,

You need to work out. Seriously.  You are the same horrid weight you were in high school . Remember high school?  Remember hiding next to the chemistry lab so you could rush in as soon as the lunch bell ended?  Remember how the only time a boy ever talked to you was to talk to your cousin who was perfect ( and generally still is ) in every way? Remember spending homecoming playing streetfighter? Remember being shaped like a rubix cube? Not fun stuff.

So yes, though hip hop is still around  walking around like a hip hopper  is no longer an option . You are too old to be looking like you are borrowing clothes from your brother. Besides it just makes you look like a hobbit. An asexual hobbit to be precise.

So remember you arent doing this for anyone but yourself and fear of the Rubix cube. Stay away from the cube.



Chaotic neutral geek cheerleader, nitro nerd,wannabe 3p1c alpha geek of the new dork renaissance and generally slightly confused half of the time.


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