[Science,books and what nots] Photoshop is possibly the root of all evil


I am an uber fan of photoshop. Its easy to use and gives you insta-gratification loots. But being a female, I sometimes wonder airbrushing away imperfection with such ease is a good thing.

Although I have never been offered to be in a mens mag ( for obvious reasons ), I have had a couple of friends that have ( which is statistically odd but true). I have always wondered if I did , what would happen.

I bet if I were photoshopped in an fhm kinda way and  suddenly find myself in an intimate situation with perfection when the truth of my flaws were revealed  the dreamboat would probably think he got short changed and with a yelp he would declare “False advertising!” and run off into the woods never to be seen again.

But I have an active imagination…  maybe if I was as rich as Madonna the fleeing to a minimum. But till then, I think Ill just stick to guys who will be okay with me just as I am.

Cheers and may the “paws” be with you


Chaotic neutral geek cheerleader, nitro nerd,wannabe alpha geek of the new dork renaissance and generally slightly confused half of the time.

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