[3P1CFails] Ms. Philippines 2010 3P1C failure from being Photoshop Perfect

“At the final round, Hollywood actor William Baldwin asked Venus what the biggest mistake of her life was and what she did to fix it. Venus answered, “In my 22 years of existence, I can say that (I haven’t had a major, major problem) because I am very confident with my family and the love that they are giving to me so thank you so much that I am here. Thank you so much.” ”

You know them. I know them. We have watched them from afar in safety . They are taller, fairer, and physically gifted. They are queen bees that everyone buzzes around. They are class president, cheerleader,jock and social butterfly all rolled in one.They have a fabulous smile and are surrounded by friends. They usually have one or two accesory  friends/assistants/sidekicks that  second all their thoughts like an echo with ambidexterous thumbs. They can be fashionable or kick it in t-shirts and sneakers and it wouldnt matter. They are on the top of the social heirarchy and rule with a colgate perfect smile.

Sometimes they are even ..( gasp )  actually nice.  They cook for their parents, are nice to fuzzy animals , and annoyingly sweet and believe in the goodness of mankind.

Which in truth lies the root cause of the problem, the world is good..at least to them.

I bet their parents did love them just a little bit more because they were born cute. I bet that guys and girls were more inclined to help tutor them in school because they are so very HOT . I would even bet they were given more chances to turn papers in late just because they asked.  For all we know , that  birds and squirrels are happy to help them with their house chores whilst happily singing a happy little tune .

And I dont envy them…

They have to live up to the standards of  Photoshop perfection. They dont have days where they are surprised when someone pays them a compliment. Nor do they have those feelings of accomplishment when they lost weight without trying. They are also quite apathetic to genuine compliments and do not feel that buzz of endorphines when someone tells them how they look particularly gorgeous that day or when they have drunk enough liquor  to believe  that they are god’s gift to mankind. And they probably dont enjoy ice cream cheese as much as people who arent blessed with a bionic metabolism that prevents fat.

If you are born perfect the only direction for you to go is down. For survival purposes and darwinistic drive to reproduce, the social outcasts must create more options and if you already look like moving laundry the only way to go is up  since getting doofier looking may actually not be possible at that point.

We have learned to develop social skills , talents, and or intellect to compensate for not being the more aesthetic child. We actually have hobbies that dont involve the outside aesthetic biases of the world and actually are good at it. We are probably even funnier,wittier, and more fun at parties. Someone along the line had probably  probably told the nerds and dorks that  beauty lies within  and believed the lie and spent a few years sculpting their insides to have the brainy equivalent presidential ab points to rival the old spice guy’s abs.But by the time we found out it was a lie, it was too late. By then the dorks,geeks, nerds  have learned to laugh genuinely at themselves and find validation in other things than other people’s approval .

So I say , goodluck to the Photoshop perfect crowd and Venus. The dorks in high school were probably 3P1C failures in high school and college but we got over it.  I will wager a bet that when the glow of the high school prom , fraternity fun, and all your glossy magazines have  faded  , the colgate perfect smile will belong to  the new dorks as we wave our light sabers around and debate about the meaning of life hidden behind Startrek 2222 while you stare at your finances trying to figure out how to balance your finances for that umpteenth liposuction  or  your trophy girlfriend/wife .


4 thoughts on “[3P1CFails] Ms. Philippines 2010 3P1C failure from being Photoshop Perfect

  1. I totally agree with your views, they may have ruled the past-in a Photoshop perfect world, but they will end up as puppets of the dorks in 3P1C failures in high school.:)

    • I like sock puppets , they are cheap and fun. I think having photoshop puppets would be too high maintenance for me. Besides they may in the end turn into born again dorks and come to the dark, we have cookies you know..


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