[DOGGYDork] Feeding your Raw food Dog FAQs

(excerpt)Dog Whisperer

Dog’s weight in pounds 5 lbs    —  10 lbs- – 25lbs- – 40lbs- -60lbs- -80lbs-
Brown rice                                [1.5 cup ][ 1 cup ][ 2 cups ] [2.5 cup][4 cup][5 cup]
Protein            [ 2 ½ tbp ][ 1/3 cup][2/3 cup][1 1/8 cup][1 1/3 cups][ 1 ¾ cup]
Vegetables       [ ¼ 1 tbp][ 1/8 cup][ ¼ cup ][1/3 cup][ ½ cup][2/3 cup]
Olive Oil            [ ¼ tsp]   [½ tsp  ] [  1 tsp ]  [  1 ½ tsp ] [  2 tsp  ] [2 ½ tsp]

Raw diet FAQS
Raw meats include beef, fish, poultry, venison, lamb, and rabbit. Many people have two concerns when switching to raw meats:
1. Can uncooked meat cause breaks or punctures to the stomach or intestines?
I had this concern as well and was assured that raw bones, even chicken and turkey bones, cant harm your dog. But cooked or frozen bones makes the bones splinter ant that’s what does the damage in your dog’s stomach and intestine. Many of my friends have been feeding raw bones like chicken necks and backs to their dogs for years , and they have never had a problem.
2. Another concern is the possibility that bacteria in raw meat can cause illness.
A dog’s digestive system is not like a human’s. Dog’s have developed a digestive system that is short and acidic, making it ideal for dealing with bacteria. Even bacteria found in old buried bones don’t prove problematic. There is a rare exception, since some hot dogs contain the bacteria listeria which is a potential hazard for dogs.
In the book BECOMING THE CHEF YOUR DOG THINKS YOU ARE , authors Micki and Yogi Voisard explain : “ If you are using ready to eat hot dogs as a treat for your dog, cook them first. There is no nutritional value in hot dogs anyway, so cooking will not compromise their use but will kill the chance of bacteria listeria. If your dog has a weakened immune system, dealing with listeria is the last thing he needs.”
They suggest buying nitrite free hot dogs and bacon without fillers and preservatives. All this being said, our digestive systems are another story. Always be sure to wash your hands after touching uncooked meat.

conclusion: Feeding your dog raw food is time consuming and probably more expensive here in the Philippines than feeding your canine dog food but the upside is you spend less on vet costs. So its still up to you in the end what to choose. Do a cost benefit analysis and see for yourself what will be the best for your situation.

“I’ve seen a look in dogs’ eyes, a quickly vanishing look of amazed contempt, and I am convinced that basically dogs think humans are nuts.” – John Steinbeck


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