[RLWalkthrough] What makes a chick Hot?

TIME: 1137

MOOD: hungry

The age old question that women want to know is “What is hot”?  Most of the time men will make jokes or skirt around the issue due to the fact that the only time they get asked this question is when the person asking is their significant other , someone they want to get in the sack, or someone too nice to tell you the truth ( because you -the person asking – is not hot ). So honesty is never an option in most cases.

Fortunately, I have 3 things going for me

1) the ability to drink more than 50 % of my body weight

2) the ability to ferret out the truth even if the world is sparkly

3) Im a dork who has mastered the fine art of CSI meets House

So after many prolonged conversations over beer and soup with Bear, this is what I have come up with.

Hot is related to a woman’s promise to be an amazing sexual acrobat. So it is more the promise , the sell , and the advertising a woman displays that makes her hot or not hot. Which completely has nothing to do with weight. It is really the way a woman presents herself and movement.

As I have said, it is still all related to SEX . Hot is complicated because there are more than one type of SEX .


BARBEQUE- is the hot and heavy sex. The crazy olympics of the sex kingdom where you roll around like Klingons in a Chinese Acrobat Convention.

CHICKEN SOUP:  is the light and fun sex. Its great simple sex. Straightforward and neat. It can be with a fling or not. Rarely do emotions whether or not exist ever tarnish the pure fun of this type of sex.

FRIED CHICKEN: You always come home to fried chicken. You can eat fried chicken everyday and still always come home to more fried chicken. This the kind of sex where a man holds you by the hair , stares deeply into your eyes , and tells you are his woman alone.

CHICKEN NUGGET: It looks like sex, smells like sex, but when you are done you wish you had:

a) more money for more food

b) didnt bother

c) lie and tell your friends you didnt eat and go over and raid their fridge

Conclusion: Hotness is about the promise of sex. Its all about presentation and what someone else perceives as the potential for fantastic sex and has nothing to do with having sex or not having sex.

So the question you must ask yourself is : What type of Sex are you?

Sex appeal is fifty percent what you’ve got and fifty percent what people think you’ve got. Sophia Loren


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