[ Science ,books and what nots ] Chibi Batman ..Kawaii!!!

check out the artist’s website : http://www.cuminga.com/

TIME: 1045

MUSIC: Taylor Swift


What isn’t to like about Batman. He has no super powers and is probably as cracked up as the joker but holds it together just enough so that he does accomplish feats sane men wouldnt try.

Some hobbies I have are due to the influence of people I have encountered. Due to severe blunt force head trauma, Batman is the one thing I am sure of that I like because I liked it. Not because it was sold to me or someone I wanted to impress liked it for a nano second.

I like Batman because I  trully enjoy analyzing the shadows between the lines that has been drawn in between madness and sanity. What is sane and insane? Is the only difference between madness and genius success? These are the conversations I have without beer and when I am enjoying the company around me.

Yes it is dorky.. but isnt it grand?

If I was cool I would have to snicker, laugh, and change the subject to talking about ..oh I dont know  to any of the following:

“I love this song!”

“HEYYYY! Whats up ? I haven’t seen you in a long time!”

“Did you know so and so did something / bought something /went somewhere / is back now from somewhere?”

Repeat this conversation 30 times throughout the night. The one thing Ive noticed about the “cool conos” is they love repetition which totally explains why they like techno. Repetition.


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