[localtourist]Divisoria is not in Baclaran

TIME: 19:35

MOOD: happy feet

LOCATION: 168 mall , Divisoria

WHAT: cheapest place in manila to buy random things and the holy land for anyone who suffers an asthma attack when they spend more than 200 php ( $ 5.00  ish) on any 1 item.


FUN: priceless

TOTAL COST  ( transportation ):

local girl version

train – 15 php [ $0 .33 ]

tricycle  for 2: 40 php [$ .89 ] ( with filipino accent )

tricycle for 2: 60 php [$ 1.39 ] ( with american accent )

AVERAGE COST (of food ): Pancake House

Possible Health Hazard : 3 ( 10 would be death )

Price: 250 php per person average [ $ 5.57 ] (drinks and a cup of coffee )

CONVERSION : http://coinmill.com/PHP_USD.html#PHP=250

Rain’s bucket list

divisoria :  done

I’ve wanted to go to Divisioria for uhmm.. lets see now I got here 2005, so for about 5 years now I’ve been asking someone …anyone to go with me there but I could never find anyone who would go with me.

Not that I blame my friends.

Its hot, dusty, parking is impossible, and people attack you with umbrellas if you aren’t careful.  It was quite fortunate for me that the dragon* was quite happy to go with me today. Which is a good thing ,  I am rather clumsy and having a tall strong man around keeps me from walking into walls, traffic, and evil umbrellas and doubles my life span.

After purchasing tickets to Baclaran, and entering the northboundLRT train, I was banned from speaking about directions or giving suggestions or any input on our route . So I spent the train ride sulking and eavesdropping on the tourists  next to me in a apparently futile attempt to redeem my now deflated ego. I was actually convinced that I was doing a semi-good job till the dragon looked over my shoulder into my journal and pointed out that they were Italians and not Spanish .

( dragon: 2  raine: 0 )

Geeks can be so annoying sometimes.. being correct statistically isn’t normal. Granted.. mistaking one language for another is not normal either. (face palm )

We finally get off the train @ Carriedo Station to a cacophany of smoke dust, noise and pollution and take the tricycle Juan Luna St. I use my handy dandy almost accentless tagalog to inquire about the price.  Price given was about 40 php or $.89 . (When I used my normal speaking cadence + added ditz factor of saying “uhmm divisoria” (general location )instead of  “sa juan luna lang po” (specific location ) the price for the pedicab was more expensive by 20 php.

We get to Juan Luna St in the area of Plaza Lorenzo Ruiz which  has a Starbucks and a Pancake house on the corner. 168 mall is only a couple of blocks  walk up from here.

The mall  has semi decent airconditioning so shopping at noon isnt too horrible.There is a plethora of  clothing, gucci bags of suspicious manufacturing origin,hello kitty cell phones, cupcake hats, and chinese versions of the Iphone.  As far as I can tell only Hong Kong can parallel the chaos and plethora of random products. But I havent gone to Thailand so who knows maybe its just as random there.

I suggest eating at Starbucks and or Pancake house. The siopao in the street may be cheaper but acclimitization to street food may take a few sick days at work.

All in all it was a pleasant adventure within the confines of  300 php. My advice take a friend who has a sense of humour and a sense of adventure that isnt tied to consumerism. It will be more fun and feel more like you are traveling.

All we have to believe with is our senses, the tools we use to perceive the world: our sight, our touch, our memory. If they lie to us, then nothing can be trusted. And even if we do not believe, then still we cannot travel in any other way than the road our senses show us; and we must walk that road to the end.Neil Gaiman


6 thoughts on “[localtourist]Divisoria is not in Baclaran

    • Hope your accent is good! I’ll ask the dragon if he can join us. Its still kinda sketchy place so having presedential ab points as back up is a good thing. ^_^ wheeeeeee

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