[RLwalkthrough] talk like the old spice guy

time :0930

mood : old spice guy  is better than robitussin for making you feel better when plagued with the sniffles

usefullness rating : 0

fun rating: 8

Old Spice guy is simply awesome and enunciates perfectly .In view of the fact that I have encountered only one person of the male species here who can say the old spice monologue  pitch perfect ,I have re-written the old spice monologue phonetically for the those around these parts who would like to say hello ladies outside the confines of a bathroom.

Hello ladies .

(heh low  layh-dees )

How are you ? Fantastic!

( how ar yoo? Fahn tahstik )

Does your man look like me? No

(duhs yor man look lyk mee ? no)

Can he smell like me? Yes

(cahn hee smel lyk me? Yes )

Should he use Old Spice Body Wash? I don’t know.

(Shood hee yoos Old spy-s bodeee wash?)

Do you like the smell of adventure?

(Doo yoo layhk the smell of advenchur?)

Do you want a man who smells like he can bake you a gourmet cake in the dream kitchen..(cont)

(doo yoo want a man hoo smells layhk he can baayk yoo a goormay cake in the dreem key-chen )

…he built for you with his own hands? Of course you do.

(he beelt for yoo withd hees own hands? Of cors yoo doo )

Swan Dive into the best night of your life!

Swhan die-vv  intooo the best nayt of yor lyf)

So ladies should your man smell like an old spice man you tell me.

(sohw lay-dees shood yor man smell lyk an old spy-s man? Yoo tell mee)


2 thoughts on “[RLwalkthrough] talk like the old spice guy

  1. What a nice input for an RL walkthrough, I can’t imagine the guys I meet with actually speak like that. I’d probably burst out each time I hear them talk :))

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