[inconGEEKto] An ode to the ultimate inconGEEKto

time: lunch (am starving)

There is this mythological creature  HOT GEEK GUY that I like to call Uberalphaticus Geekinus Masculinus. Which in plain english is a combination of the old spice guy and  mythbusters. He is the geek of all geeks who unbeknownst to his sheeple followers (or stalkers depending on their gender ) who admire him for his presidential ab points and monocle smile has a pristine collection of batman comic books , an extended library,and  knows every link on the internet that offers free e-books.He  seems completely unimpressed by anything that is related to MTV but can play several instruments. He knows C++ and can bench press you easily ( how else is he going to sweep you off your feet and carry you over the crashing tropical waves? ).He is confident and with smooth baritone tones can easily quote Frost,Milton, and never  corrects anyone for spelling Nietzsche wrong. He smells like peppermint,apples,and that “he can cook you a gourmet cake in the dream kitchen he built for you with his own hands”. He naturally walks  like a lion through a pride and when he peruses the aisles of  fullybooked he makes all the geeky girls and barbie dolls alike all  buy copies of the book he just purchased in his wake.

The universe is a funny enough place, who knows I may actually get a chance to have lunch with a figment of my imagination today.


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