Game Master’s durr day

time: 10 pm

mood: durrrrrrrr

Error codes. Bugs. System crash. Basically the personification of complete anarchy online. Every game master’s nightmare . What does one say as the flames on the board reach unmanageable heights when sorry isn’t ever good enough.I try to be forthright with my community whilst pacifying them. But its difficult , when the system failure is a developmental mistake and my comprehension of programming is limited to knowing how to spell C++.

These are the times , I wish I could just crawl into a library and lose myself in studying chaos theory. Its one thing to speculate about chaos , its a completely different thing facing it on the boards.

Its easy for our side to say its a PEBCAK  and its a user problem but rarely do I actually believe the error lies in the user. No matter how stupid the mistake I think comprehension of language whether in a social setting or a business setting is the responsibility of the speaker.

So before I break my NDA , I shall employ my EBBOM add on and say goodnight

end of file.. will dream of silly toy dressed up as a phone

link of the day:

DC Comics Launch iPad And iPhone App


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