Toycon: dork is the new black

time: 6:25 pm

mood: feet hurt owwwweeee

Okay as much as my net god jedi teacher’s disappointment Game Master Phage ( ragnarok net god ), I thoroughly dislike on ground events. I feel a bit naked without a computer to hide behind or at least a controller. I dont comprehend this discoball of popularity. I had tried to arguing  with my product manager that since community manager started with a letter c and so did computer that I should be with my computer at all times. But despite my infallible logic, he seems to think me being in rl ( real life ) form is better than my avatar. ( durr , have you seen my avatar? Im hot! ) But there is no accounting for taste, so I have decided that come Monday , I will resort to bribery with ice cream.

On ground events make me want to turn my intestines into isaw (Isaw is a street food from the Philippines, made from barbecued pig or chicken intestines.[1] The intestines are cleaned, turned inside out, and cleaned again, repeating the process several times. They are then either boiled, then grilled, or immediately grilled on sticks.

The UP Isawan (Isaw stall) is a used as a regular setting comic book artist Manix Abrera, in his daily KikoMachine comic strip on the Philippine Daily Inquirer. wikipedia)

But I found a haven in the toy con, free streetfighter! voila ! + 18 armor +9 to strength , and + 99 to talking smack

( must buy console.Its shallow, its fun, and if you die, you have a save point )

However, the interesting thing I learned while having my ass kicked via xbox was  geek is now a fashion statement. I didnt even know we had a dresscode.I was challenged with go ahead google it but I decided I have better things to do than to create more insecurities in myself.

I’ll shall save my Q Q ‘s for another day and say my mantra( labatyd: Life’s A Bitch And Then Ya Die) as I dance like no one is looking.

( press itunes on ,add bass, select ludacris get back and turn it up the speakers to ten )


4 thoughts on “Toycon: dork is the new black

  1. Well… frankly, that’s what part of being in the community… err… side of gaming does… basically you become somewhat of a beacon of human social interaction… 😛

    • bah.. human interaction is best from the comfort of a lazyboy, laptop, and input into a digital flat screen TV larger than whole mass of self. ^ ^
      LIGER, liger, burning bright
      In the forests of the night,
      What immortal hand or eye
      Could frame thy fearful symmetry?

  2. chic geek is what it’s called – even gq has talked about it. Must bite tongue before i start with the consumerism lecture. Û miss u.

    • Miss you !!!! Geek Chic mental note. Must research on immersion of man into silly fashion trend that was considered by unfashionable as “my closet aka holder of all presents from Chrismtas past”

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