[blog] making of a video

time: 6:22 am

mood: contemplating if learning physics via comic book is a good thing

music: Eraserheads

Yes I will be making a video  because every anti-social low- ping bastard and their mama has always wanted to be a rockstar. Even if I dont look much smarter than yogi bear, I do realize the  Coriolis effect of creating a viral video on my real world life  might not be ideal . God knows humanity is stupid so I try not to underestimate that aspect of humanity’s many traits. So I will simply do the next best thing which is create the script and direct the video. Shoryunken baby!

I am turning the (mythical ) high learning curve of the game I manage and turning it into a good thing with the help of the ultimate easter egg for all the male  alpha geeks out there : a hot girl. ( you are welcome my kingdom of dorks )Thank you venitianprincess for inspiring me with your 28 million hits and kicking Miley’s ass.

The video should be released in July and I get to shop for hot girls today. Okay so not every dungeon master gets to shop for girls , it is indeed a strange life I lead. Anyway its not like I’m going to enjoy it. Ill probably end up going home cry into my pillow and promise never to eat ice cream ever again by the end of the day.


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