blog: L33t-sp34k

mood: angry at the fact that a high metabolism isnt an item hall item

music: new dork ( again )

I am a net god. It is by default of my occupation that I have become a net god. It isn’t like I woke up one day and said to myself , “hey self , today you will be the geekiest of all the geeks and flush your social life down the social networking canal by grandstanding your nerdier than thou qualities and insuring the death of a real world life for the next 5 years” It is magnified by the fact that I am a community manager ( a leveled down dungeon master ) for one of the games considered geekier than most games by many of the 1337 . .  Apparently by Philippine gaming standards it isn’t a plug and play game. ( Frankly , I don’t really see why its a difficult game but I’ve been a gamer for years and my tastes aren’t mainstream. )

Lately I have realized , I have become an alpha geek which in normal human means I have sunk back to my days in the chess club and chemistry club.

So What does an alphageek do on a daily basis?

Well I first check the forums and clear the spambots. I answer questions that seem unanswerable by any one human, and am suppose to be the game’s all around wikipedia. There are the other normal tasks of patch testing, writing walkthroughs ( which I actually like ) , and on ground events that I actually dislike ( hello? me unplugged that will give me – 12 to agility, -20 dexterity and charm)and mastering the ups and downs of sheeple traffic. ( thank you google analytics ).


2 thoughts on “blog: L33t-sp34k

  1. Wow! A chess and chemistry club member! I’m more of a musical instruments geek (I play the maracas like Yngwie Malmsteen shreds the guitar). It’s nice to know the CM’s thoughts.

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